Website Marketing

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are BILLIONS of webpages on the world wide web. If your website is not properly indexed by the major search engines, you might as well be operating your business with an unlisted number! Without optimization, the only customers who are likely to find you are the ones who already know your web address. You’ll never hear from that enormous market out there that needs your goods and services but are unable to locate your website.

I focus on Content Marketing which includes researching the top key word phrases in specific market targets being searched on the main search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo, then optimizing the client’s web pages embedding keyword phrases based on that research into the meta tags, alt tags, and within the textual content of each webpage. From there I submit your website to the top search engines and website directories. I install Meta Tag and Search Engine Optimization software to the client’s wordpress site editing platform and train the client on it’s use thereby allowing the client to take control of their continued SEO and marketing after the initial set up saving the client thousands of dollars in paying an SEO firm for continued services.

Content marketing comes in four basic forms — written, audio, video, and image. Most businesses use several forms of content to engage with their audiences across platforms like social media, websites, and ads.

This form of marketing puts the customer at the heart of a brand’s messaging. Rather than spamming customers with advertising-laden messaging, content marketing provides them with valuable content and engages them throughout the customer journey.

It goes beyond pushing a product to a potential customer, instead putting the relevant information out there and following the customer from the awareness phase to the decision phase. Content marketing includes presenting content like how-to guides or story-based ads that provide a real benefit to the consumer.

Social Media Marketing

With the rising of social networking over the past few years, we are beginning to see a definite rivalry between the search engines and social network top players and it’s evident Facebook is top dog. If you want to be successful online you really must use Facebook as a marketing tool.

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