Welcome to my personal corner of the web.  I’m a graphic artist, webmaster and software programmer. I love creating browser based applications from the ground up. Starting with just an idea and a blank work space. Since 1997 I’ve developed thousands of really cool websites and web based applications for clients around the world. My philosophy is “If you can imagine it, I can create it”

Graphic Design and Animation

I’m an artist and I love making art! I especially love making art come alive with animation via flash, html canvas and gif. I’ve been creating eye catching graphics professionally since 1997 including

  • Logos and Marketing Collaterals for Print and Web
  • Graphic Art and Animation

Web Design

Specializing in mobile and search engine friendly responsive web design.  I have developed thousands of websites for clients around the world in all walks of life.  Every website I create is

  • Uniquely branded to each individual client’s image
  • Optimized to be search engine and mobile friendly
  • Responsive to look and function optimally in all view port sizes
  • Editable by the client

Software Development

I’ve been developing browser based linux applications in php, MySQL, xml, javascript, html, and css. for over 20 years. Specializing in

  • Searchable Database driven software
  • Browser based multi user Content management systems
  • WordPress core customization and plugin/theme development

My Hobbies

I’m a retired Sub acute and geriatric nurse, I study and practice natural, herbal medicine and healing or theraputic touch. I enjoy growing my own herbs and making  herbal remedies. 

I love animals and have always seemed to be taking care of animals who come to me for help.  Now I’ve got 1 acre  in the Great Smoky Mountains where I homestead and run a small animal rescue/sanctuary. Currently I’m caring for 17 animals, including 8 cats, 5 dogs, 3 chickens and a pig.

I love hiking in the mountains and foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants. 

If you would like more information about my skill set or would like a list of work I’ve done and references  Click here to email me.